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The finish is about 5 weeks old ... was allowed to cure properly ... Hi, we have to pick a stain color for our red oak 5 inch floors. any suggestions on best color? Bona Traffic isn't a cheap product, to be honest it's quite expensive, but as with most things in life you really do get what you pay for, and with Bona Traffic you get a superb, easy to apply hard wearing polyurethane finish that will look fantastic and last a long time. The floor guy came today and told us basically to get read of the dogs. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers. Produkten kan appliceras i ett eller två skikt, beroende på önskad intensitet – ju fler skikt, desto ljusare/vitare utseende. I am learning as I go and sadly my contractor and his floor team aren't very knowledgeable on the dangers of off-gassing and how to minimize exposure. Locally milled 5 maple flooring finished with bona bonaseal and bona traffic vs hd what s the difference brownstone boys new life for our hardwood floors brownstoner best finish for the most natural looking white oak floors mommy best finish for the most natural looking white oak floors mommy bona traffic naturale. What did you do and did it work? My old house is on the market again. Thanks! I work a lot with the same types of products (2k urethanes, etc). -- i've recently been into some stores in shopping malls...and considering all the foot traffic and high heels...their timber look Amazing!!!! The best advice I can give anyone here - get someone who really understands these products and is either specifically trained by the company, or understands how they work for real. Bona Traffic Review Results are mostly very good or very bad with a just a few ratings in between. Thank you Select Hardwood Floor Co. The builder probably used "guys" from his work gang. And sadly, there can be TOO much time between coats (between sealant and all the top coats). Bona Traffic Natural veda e protege pavimentos de madeira, enquanto preserva o aspeto de madeira em bruto. $130.89 $195.45. @conniekerlin do you know what stain color your friends floors are? I had used Bona waterborne polyurethane before, which applies with impressive ease and delivers fantastic results, so I figured I would give Traffic Naturale a try on my 90-year-old maple flooring. We purchased Bona IntenseSeal and Bona Traffic Naturale commercial Matte, and followed your manufacturers install directions. Product Description. This waterborne commercial and residential hardwood floor finish will get you as close to an untreated look as possible while giving you a smooth and easy to clean surface. They react *very* quickly with air, and once opened at all, only last a week or two at the most.f. For this reason a satin is a better option than 'matte'. I'm so disappointed in my flooring guys. As a sort of compromise, we have wood countertops finished with a european wax stuff called Osmo, it's holding up well with minimal upkeep, maybe it would work for your floors. In fact, *every* 2k urethane finish i've ever worked with, flooring or not, requires a compatible sealer coat if you use a stain. Bona Naturale is a waterborne commercial and residential hardwood floor finish. With Bona Naturale, you get as close to an untreated look and feel as possible while still providing your floor with a durable surface. Just be aware of what youare asking for when working with Swedish finishes like Glitsa. I hope you found a solution to the problem! I say that because the Bona instructions left behind by our installer say humidity is supposed to kept within very narrow limits at all times and the floors should be cleaned daily with their products (and we all know that no homeowner on earth is going to clean their floors daily). These colours are HEAVILY dependent on several factors: 1) Wood species 2) Wood cut (different cuts represent colour in a slightly different way 3) Stain choice 4) LIGHTING (house has to be built before you can make this decision) So...You have to choose the wood and the cut (the top photo is ALL ABOUT the plank width and the cut...which is what you are "liking"). It is in process now of being put on so cannot speak to experience yet but looks good and much better than other samples he showed me that all looked yellow tinted. How to apply one coat of Bonaseal followed by two coats of Mega or Traffic. A new build shouldn't see this - and you need to get them to fix it. I'm sorry to say but your flooring professional shouldn't have mixed products. Bona Traffic Naturale Commercial Matte Water-Based Wood Floor Finish. Or did you get the yellow cast from using only bona traffic directly on top of raw wood? Things go wrongwhen you mix and match. Para a melhor sensação de madeira em bruto, deve ser combinado com uma camada de Bona Natural Primer. "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. Bona Natural is also GREENGUARAD certified for indoor air quality. Next step is to get the Bona rep out to see what is going on. Bona Traffic Naturale Matte Gal w/ Hardener. And Minwax stain doesn't like to play well with others. shipping dimensions / weight of 10 x 10 Ikea Kitchen Cabinets. Here's the floor today: Thanks @Menegazzo1... that shine level looks great... and your floors look wonderful...what timber is that? Unlike conventional lacquers the surface, to the touch, feels more like raw, finely sanded wood. @Daniel Berlin Thank you for the summary above. Email me and I'll provide contact info. Bona does NOT DO that after 1 year with dogs. Update: We fired our contractor and hired another flooring company. Remember that Bonaseal, Amberseal, Mega, and Traffic are all water-based products; use water for all cleanup. Hello. Any input is greatly appreciated. Swedishfinishes are FAMOUS for foul, foul smells. Get it in writing that it is adhesion failure so that you have a leg to stand on when going after the finisher for a brand, new, sand and refinish. It is the next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the true natural look of hardwood floors. Beginning at the corner between the two doors, build a fence or plant a hedge from the house to the driveway, then from the other side of the driveway beyond -- to the right edge of the mowed yard or to some point to clearly indicate a divide between front and back, even if it is only an eight foot fence or hedge. We redid the floors in semi and we're thrilled. 1. It would have done this with or without them. For the best natural ‘raw’ look would you reccomend: 1. one layer of Bona white + Bona traffic naturale 2x, or, 2. It completely delaminated across half the floor so we had to chemically strip it and apply poly, which is now holding up fine. PS @drewmich Not sure if you ever got an answer, but that is almost certainly catalyzation failure - the floor is clouding because it did not fully crosslink. This product was applied and within a week or two after began delaminating and peeling. I want to keep the floor light (not yellow), not too shiny, and need it to hold up to water and 3 very active small kids. And what Glitsa finish goes best for high traffic but medium/light colors? Smileygirl - did you get that yellow cast because you did bona traffic over a different brand of stain? Im just embarking on ripping up carpet and putting down floorboards - either solid parquetry or solid boards. There is a new threadabout Minwax underneath Waterlox finish. In any finishing business, nobody gets it right 100% of the time, and if they are good, they should have people where it went wrong and the installer made it right. @CancorkFloorInc Is it possible to use a water based sealant like Bona AFTER bleaching red oak floors? Our contractor's flooring guy ultimately recommended us not using it due to peeling so we went with this instead. Hi @Menegazzo1 and @Samantha Oxenham ...thank you guys for your posts, I'm also from Australia. Looks like Satin it might be, but I will take your advice and go visit the Bona showroom to see first hand. I used Bona Kemi Naturale on new cork floors in 2007 and _loved_ it... and we had 2 large slobbery dogs who never managed to damage it. And Other Tough Questions, Micro-Adjust Deck-Baluster Spacing for an Eye-Deceiving Layout, Interior Finishes for a Cabin in the Woods, Podcast 280: PRO TALK With Brooke Cambridge, Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20, Framing Floors and Stairs with Larry Haun, Podcast 184: Insulating an All-Brick House, Working with Engineered Siding, and Carpentry as a Second Career, Simple Way to Make Old Walls Straight and Plumb, Expert insights on techniques and principles. Total. Architectural information on building materials, manufacturers, specifications, BIM families and CAD details. Learn more. Some Questions to Consider, 7 Questions to Ask Before Laying Stepping Stones, Can-Do Cleaning Strategies for Busy People, Approx. Bona Traffic Natural is a unique Bona development made predominantly from renewable resources and contains oils, high quality PU and haptic creators. This thread had made me a bit nervous. ... Be the first to review “Bona Traffic Naturale Commercial Waterborne Finish Matte” Cancel reply. This is only a guess, but maybe homeowners have trouble with Bona finishes because that they're designed for a commercial environment where they'll be vacuumed or swept daily and the building has stable temps and humidity because of the air conditioning system. Premium price for low quality product. Are you using the original profiles or are you workingwith one of their other finishes? @elenamacrae9 = that is FULL adhesion failure. It sounds like the person WORKING the stain/finish didn't have the full training needed to work with these high-end products. Gina Moffie - I also had red oak and hated the "yellow" so my installer suggested bona. I just called Bona and definitely can't be here with the cats if using oil based! Part is hardwood. More Products Lutron Maestro 300-Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch - White; Buy DEWALT 3 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit (29-Piece)-DWE315K Once mixed, the finish will have a 4 hour window in which it can be used prior to the expected performance to quickly deteriorate. That is a problem with application and adhesion....which is installer error and not "dogs". I just had my floors scraped, stained with Duraseal and 2 coats of Bona Traffic HD in Satin were applied. In other words, Bona is being disingenuous when they claim their products are suitable for residential use. This thread has been very helpful. @sam s there are a few great companies out in Victoria. GlitsaMax and Bona Traffic HD are the same - both hardeners are HDI + HDI based polymers. We Installed blackbutt flooring and used the Bona HD Traffic semi gloss. This is why they have walked away from this situation. I alwayssuggest working with the same "line" of products. What I need to clarify is between extra matte or naturale.. which one is less shiny? If more than one coat of stain is used, then adhesion failures (like yours) go WAY WAY UP! Modern glass and stone structures hug two waterways on a sprawling Texas Hill Country compound, Thinking in advance about how you use your space will get your first design consultation off to its best start, Rubbing elbows with chefs isn't always a boon. We purchased Bona IntenseSeal and Bona Traffic Naturale commercial Matte, and followed your manufacturers install directions. But the second coat of stain has NOTHING to bond to. Reading this tonight is a dream come true. so you can ask them whether the flooring installer stood behind it or not. I love the look of this timber... also advice on something that is harder but looks similar? We have a small, but active dog and a toddler, and plan to be in this house a LONG time, so I am concerned about durability and longevity. He stained it to match the oak door and it functions perfectly! Yes...this can take a while. You will have 2-3 options in your hands at this point. Any one have any ideas or experience with this type of "clouding" problem. Why not use a duraseal/Loba/rubio type finish?? I have used the traffic version in satin in the old place and after 5 years it's been perfect. Horrible adhesion failure. All of the 2k urethanes mentioned here (glitsa, bona, etc) are about the same in durability (at least by any scientific measure). It looks like this thread has been dormant for a few months, so apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place (I'm new to the forum). The first coat was done Friday (today is Sunday) and I believe it should be finished on Monday or Tuesday. 3 coats of Bona Traffic HD. Use landscaping posts if your budget will not permit stone work and/or more concrete. They are all slight variations on the same chemistry. Thanks :). Now a year and half later, I will say unequivocally that I do NOT recommend Bona Traffic. It simply scratches way too easily. If you can, go with oil based. I was one of those people who sung Bona Traffic's praises after I fixed my mistake with an initial matte floor. It has allowed moisture to seep through in places, chips so easily and just doesn’t look good at all! 3 Green-Minded Questions to Ask, 5 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Barn Door, Curb Appeal Feeling a Little Off? Going to get a wood inspector. Please tell me that I didn’t just spend thousands for a finish that will not wear properly. Bona would not stand behind the product and blamed the contractor, so we were just out the cost of the product and labor. Is Bona Traffic Naturale (formerly Bona Naturale) a one or two component finish? The other issues can be installer error with Bona. This person does all of the contractors floors and he says he hasn’t had any calls regarding problems with what he uses. The house is almost finished and my hands are tied. She said either Traffic one is good with cats. It truly creates a raw, bare-wood look, and claims are that it holds up like a champ. Okay. We redid the floors in semi and we're thrilled. I I thought the extra matte is less sheen but this thread is making me think differently. That's a link to bona's stain options. It has only been on the floor for a month and it looks terrible. Thanks! They kept scaring me that the water based would lead to adhesion issues. If you watch our YouTube video on screening and recoating a floor, skip to the very end where we're actually spreading the polyurethane; that's the best demonstration of our technique we can possibly give you.. Ugly floor! Bona NaturalSeal provides all the benefits of a Bona waterborne sealer including excellent abradability, fast dry times and reduces the potential for sidebonding and tannin bleed. We have 4 cats. The floor is spectacular ... don't get me wrong ... but today we found that when we used the Bona hardwood floor cleaner spray - it leaves really bad streaks and "clouding" ... went over a major walk area - completely - wiping with the grain (not that it should matter) .... and it is still cloudy and looks bad. You will achieve 4 of 5 if this is a new build (you won't have access to "artificial lighting during full dark"). My contractor is telling me there will be adhesion problems if using water based but I'm worried about off-gassing from oil based products. Bona Traffic and Traffic Naturale Hardener 12.8 oz WH341047001 Used with Bona Traffic and Traffic Naturale, a two-component water-based finish. Those guys probably paint, and throw up sheet rock...and Oh, yah apply stain and finish a floor without a clue. We will let that cure for 4 or 5 days before applying a cover to the floor for 3 weeks while renovations continue, and then applying two coats of water based stain. Can we mix Bona Satin and Semi to get a little sheen or will it make everything worse? For me, Bona Traffic Naturale ( was just another finishing product promising a no-coat look, and I was skeptical until I saw it used in a house. © 2021 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Combining Bona NaturalSeal with a matte-sheen finish such as Bona Traffic Naturale preserves that look and gives your floor the durability it needs for everyday life. Ask to see what they offer. This two-part finish (the water-based polyurethane is catalyzed with an isocyanate hardener) is easily applied, dries fast, and doesn’t darken the wood surface much, if at all. Also my GC said none of his customers have ever left to have their floors done, which was suggested by our floor guy. Floor was hand scrapped and properly "sanded" and swept between each coating . Start your subscription today and save up to 52%. In one survey, Bona Traffic received 5-star ratings from 66% of more than 40 reviewers. This is the START of the process. If you cannot fence your yard, at least plant a hedge around it and/or add treated posts and run a cable between those posts except where you want your yard entered. It can cause SOOO many problems - which you have just discovered. HELP! Get complete site access to expert advice, how-to videos, Code Check, and more, plus the print magazine. Thanks everyone for all the informative posts... truly appreciated!! how could I redirect traffic from my side kitchen door to the front door???? I HIGHLY recommend you bring in a NWFA Certified Flooring Inspector to have a look. Budget permitting, add a screened porch or sun room at the kitchen door and keep the door to it locked. I agree with select all the way. Do something to make the front door entrance the obvious focal point of your home as your home is approached from the road. BONA TRAFFIC NATURALE. It is a tricky system that requires HEAVY training (at the installer's expense btw...which is why only a few people go to get training). It has only been on the floor for a month and it looks terrible. I feel for ya. I would appreciate expert advice. Oh gosh, I had not heard that, but good to know, especially with a young child in the house. Remember: one layer of stain is allowed. Usually this is "didn't mix hardener in right ratio", but also could be that the hardener expired somehow. Please see my pics. If I hadn’t been the one pouring the finish and pushing the roller for all three coats (Bona recommends at least two), I’d have sworn there was nothing on my floors. I am concerned with wear but also safety. My husband and I Have to leave because we have no bathroom in the basement. Any advice welcome!!! You don't mention the bleaching process planned... and our experience has been extensive over the years... and we use a two component liquid wood bleach system. I cleaned with a wet paper towel, then with Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner - did nothing, i emailed Bona today and will call tomorrow. Peeling?? Combining Bona NaturalSeal with a matte-sheen finish such as Bona Traffic Naturale preserves that look and gives your floor the durability it needs for everyday life. Thank you. Bona has a list of 15 stains and 6 blends (blends of the most popular colours ready to go). 2. Almost always improper prep and we own up to it (sometimes compatibility, but still our fault). Bona Traffic Naturale is an easy-to-apply, fast-drying alternative to polyurethane that gives the look of unfinished wood. They comment that the flooring looks gorgeous, has a tough layer of … Bona Traffic Naturale. Ask for a few of the mid-tone browns on your floor of choice. Why would anyone do something they know to be wrong. The wood floors we have now didn't look great when we moved in 5 years ago, and I have not noticed any major changes (from dog or baby activity) in our time in the apartment, but I have NO idea what type of materials were used. Check them out at If not? I was told that there would be 3 coats. Would it be possible for you guys to post some pics of your floors so i can see the result please?? Also does anyone have any advice re: American Oak and its durability or hardness? Typical Bona attitude. I imagine the sealer is locking in the tannins? Bona Traffic is a 2-component waterbased wood floor finish. Good luck. The flooring guy my gc uses has put down samples of duraseal provencial and Bona Satin finish. My cats are my kids but taking them outside is very stressful for them since they are indoor only. Become a member and get instant access to thousands of videos, how-tos, tool reviews, and design features. The dogs had nothing to do with it. Then you have to have stain samples made (using your choice of wood and cut...has to be identical) with one coat of finish. In my world, basically all finishing failure is our fault. My next step is calling Bona today...they of course may tell me what I want to hear. So the Bona Traffic HD Extra Matte finish is very low sheen or NO Sheen is a better descriptor. Love the way it looks BUT today the phone rang while I was washing my hands. If you don't have a front porch with a gable over the door that "says" this is the entrance, consider building one. The next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the true natural look of hardwood floors while still maintaining it’s superb, Traffic-like durability. We hired a professional contractor to refinish 700 square feet of wood flooring, including staining it with Minwax and letting the stain dry at least 24 hours between each coat and before applying top coast (much longer than the minimum dry period for this Minwax product). It has allowed moisture to seep through in places, chips so easily and just doesn’t look good at … Bona Naturale waterborne hardwood floor finish is an incredible new matte finish product which preserves the natural grains and tones of hardwood floors. Good luck with it all! Hi and thank you! (I'm talking Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn/West Elm in Chadstone Mall... i wonder what product they use??). We are renovating the kitchen, dining and living room areas. The next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the true natural look of hardwood floors while still maintaining it's superb, Traffic-like durability. It just SITS ON TOP of the first coat of stain...then the sealant/top coats have NOTHING to bond to EITHER = full failure. I wouldn't be pleased at all! I have used Streetshoe Satin in the past and liked the sheen which was not shiny. I'm so sorry this has happened. I am concerned for the toxic fumes. Bona Traffic Natural seals and protects hardwood floors yet preserves the look and feel of real wood. This is especially important if you are staining hardwood floors gray or white washed floors, or if you have natural … @elenamcrae9 Good luck...please keep us posted! Also ask them for a reference for someone whose floor failed. Is there a difference between the Streetshoe Satin and the Bona Satin? They are also not "easy" finishes to work with, despite everyone and their brother using them. But, my family is doing a custom build home and we have the option of engineered hardwoods or site-finished oak (assuming/hoping white oak, plan to clarify if we go that way). Com base na exclusiva fórmula Traffic, garante uma durabilidade a longo prazo e uma soberba resistência ao desgaste. No issues with any of my customers that have active families with dogs! The GC usually uses a different man and it is a 2 day process but more money. Once Bona Traffic Part A is mixed with Traffic Part B there is a working time of about 2-3 hours. My husband put up beadboard to protect the wall about half way up. No math, no measuring—just a simple jig made from an elastic band is all you need to lay out a good-looking deck railing. At home we have the hardwood factory finished modern stuff... next to no work and looks pretty nice, but probably too shiny for you. Bona NaturalSeal® is a waterborne sanding sealer designed to retain the appearance of unfinished wood on your floor. It looks fine with a slight sheen, but feels very gritty under foot. I was told the problem was my dogs. Once you have viewed your sample colours (with finish) on the floor itself (along with your sample panels that were made up months before) you can then make the final decision. Either way an installer who's come recommended only uses Bona. I get the romantic aesthetic of the mellow wood look but even in our shoes off household it would be too much work. Takes a massive beating and keeps asking for more. Undecided still, as my entry hallway is rartner narrow and I'm concerned parquetry might make it look too 'busy'. Bona NaturalSeal is a waterborne sanding sealer designed to retain the appearance of unfinished wood on your floor. One gallon covers approximately 350 to 400 sq. That’s a pretty “green” product in my book. Pot Life – THE FINISH/HARDENER MIXTURE MUST BE USED WITHIN 4 HOURS AFTER IT IS MIXED. That is why it says "Apply a Bona sealer or Bona stain and 2 coats of Bona Traffic HD®". Bona Traffic Naturale Commercial Waterborne Finish Matte. You have adhesion failure. Bona Traffic Naturale® Technical data sheet Rev 12/2018 This data sheet replaces all previous versions page 1/2 Finishing Bona Traffic Naturale® is the next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the true , natural look of your hardwood floor. I hope you have better luck with the floor. thanks in advance. Paint your front door a bold color and/or add a bras kick plate to the bottom of it. Eye watering, stomachclenching odour. I hate the yellow hue of natural poly floor and want something warm yet more neutral but still light. Anything else is luck. What is especially disheartening is that there is a price premium attached to it, which would lead you to believe it is of high quality. Full. Some of these high end finishes bond BETTER if they only have a few hours between coats rather than 24+ hours (Loba finishes LOVE to have a recoat between 8hrs - 23 hours...they are SUPER grabby in that time period). The first stain coat grabs the wood. The reason I went with that over the Traffic Naturale is that the Traffic Naturale is even more matte, which didn't seem necessary, and also apparently imitates the texture of unfinished floors where I was definitely looking for the smooth, non-textured finish of a standard top coat, just without the gloss. I have read other threads about people not sealing if you have the desired color you want with a stain. I just sent my husband your link though. asking specifically about Bona HD. In this archived webinar, building-science expert Peter Yost shares what he's learned over years of using blower doors, IR cameras, and other diagnostic tools so you can make the most of your test results.

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